Unsolicited sales pitch goes to "Karen" when they figure out they won't get a sale

Published on 31 July 2023 at 18:41

Navigating Feedback and Staying True to Our Vision

Subtitle: Embracing Our Unique Niche Amidst Unsolicited Sales Pitch


Today, I had an unexpected encounter with a saleswoman who reached out to discuss my website. While I appreciate constructive feedback and value diverse perspectives, this particular interaction left me contemplating the delicate balance between receiving input and staying true to our vision.

A Surprising Request:

The day began like any other until I received an unsolicited request from a saleswoman to discuss my website. Initially intrigued by the opportunity for potential improvement, I eagerly engaged in the conversation.

A Disheartening Approach:

To my dismay, the discussion took an unexpected turn. Instead of offering constructive criticism, the saleswoman delivered an inappropriate sales pitch that not only disregarded my hard work but also insulted my vision for the website.

Misaligned Goals:

Our conversation quickly revealed a misalignment in our goals. While I am dedicated to catering to the vibrant and wild gaming community, the saleswoman presented examples that were far from fitting our niche. It became evident that she failed to understand the essence of gamers—their passion, enthusiasm, and unprecedented spending power.

The Beauty of Our Niche:

Gamers form a unique and dynamic community, and our website is designed to resonate with their lively spirit. Our choices in design, content, and user experience are intentionally crafted to capture the essence of gaming culture, providing a space where gamers feel at home.

Respecting Diversity in Taste:

As creative individuals, we understand and appreciate that not everyone will be drawn to our work. However, I firmly believe that constructive feedback should respect the efforts and passion we pour into our projects.

Responding with Grace:

While I was taken aback by the saleswoman's disregard for our vision, I chose to respond with grace and professionalism. I acknowledged her feedback while respectfully explaining the rationale behind our design choices, emphasizing the importance of aligning with our target audience.

Cherishing Our Supporters:

Our website has garnered immense support from the gaming community, and their positive feedback has been a driving force behind our continuous improvement. We cherish the genuine connections we have made through our platform and are committed to fostering a thriving gaming community.

Embracing Our Journey:

In navigating this challenging encounter, I realized that staying true to our vision is paramount. While sales pitches and external opinions can be valuable, they should never compromise the core essence of our work.

A Call to Unity:

As members of the creative community, let us foster an environment where feedback is constructive, empathetic, and mindful of individual goals. Together, we can uplift and inspire each other, celebrating the diverse and vibrant tapestry of artistic expression.


Though unsolicited feedback can be challenging, it reminds us of the significance of our vision and the unique niche we serve. As we continue our journey, let us embrace our creative identity, trusting that our dedication to the gaming community will lead us to ever-greater heights. #unsolictedfeedback, #badsalespitch, #justsayhaveaniceday #youemailedme, #staap

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